Dear fans of beautiful parties,

Easter day is right around the corner, and we are beyond excited to celebrate it with the family.

Easter is a holiday that withholds different meanings depending on the country. Festivities take place all around the world, coinciding with the arrival of the Easter bunny. The Easter bunny arrival is a tradition that dates back to the seventeenth century and comes from the Alsace region in France. As you all probably know, the Easter bunny hops around carrying chocolate eggs in a basket and delivering them to children who receive them with joy. In some countries, this clever bunny might even hide the eggs, creating entertaining egg hunts for the children.

Following the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, and our commitment to #stayathome , celebrating this festivity is tough to say the least. However, this virus will not stop the world from celebrating Easter. Destiny forces us to celebrate it in a simple style, yet of course coinciding with our chic and elegant style.



We have chosen the following color code for this party: pastel blue, pastel pink, lilac, pastel green, pastel orange and pastel yellow.

All of our designs follow this color code and we have also created printables of our own hand-made watercolor designs to add a sweet and home-y environment to this year’s Easter event.

When exploring our Easter collection, you discover a creative Easter party collection filled with every essential aspect needed to celebrate the best possible Easter party from home. 


Several months ago, we worked alongside the “Expat Life” magazine to research all the necessities for the perfect party, covering every aspect from A to Z. This invaluable guide was then published in an article of the “Expat Life” Magazine.

Below is the list that was published in our article, this list will aid in preparing any party:

  1. Invitations, Thank you Cards, tags and labels & other cards
  2. Table Decoration / Scenery Decoration
  3. Banquet (Party food)
  4. Entertainment (Games and Activities)
  5. Costumes & Props
  6. Party gift bag / Souvenir

Here at Fiesta4u, before creating each party we re-read our list, ensuring that each area is included. It helps us complete everything we need for the party in a coordinated way. Each party idea is designed to perfectly harmonize the other. Similarly, in this Painted Eggs Easter Collection we will be doing the same thing. Starting from the first point of our “Perfect List” following all the way through to the last, we have developed the following products:


  1. DIY Painted Eggs Easter Invitations

These Easter party invitations include 5 exclusive designs of hand-painted watercolour eggs.

These invitations are interactive and require easy assembling, which you can follow in our step-by-step video tutorial, which will aid in the process of achieving the same results as shown in our demonstration.


Customize your invitation online. No software download is necessary. After buying your product you will receive an email to access the invitation which you can then edit and customize which the desirable information. Once edited, save it and download to your computer in one of the three available formats: PDF, JPG and PNG. 

  1. Painted Eggs Easter Thank You Cards

The Painted Eggs Easter Thank You Card is made up of 5 hand-painted watercolour designs. This card will be the “cherry on top” of  your Easter event, it will show gratitude to your guests, as well as providing a souvenir of the party. This thank you card perfectly complements the DIY Painted Eggs Easter Invitations.


Once you have finalized your purchase, you will receive these Thank You Cards in 3 formats: PDF, JPG and PNG. Download to your computer and print as many as you need, or send them to your guests through e-mail as a memory of your party. 


  1. DIY Painted Eggs Easter Toppers

We have created these Easter toppers to decorate cupcakes, in 6 hand-painted watercolor designs, which match the rest of the designs of the collection.

Use this cupcake decoration here to add a cheerful and Instagram-worthy touch to your Easter Cupcakes.


After buying your product you will receive a PDF to download and cut out manually (or using a cutting machine: Silhouette Cameo or Cricut).

  1. Easter Tree

We propose this easy DIY decoration which uses our traditional 4 Seasons Tree. Watch the tutorial video to make your Easter 4 Seasons Tree HERE: CHANGE

To make this Easter DIY, choose your favorite decorated Easter eggs and place them on your 4 Seasons Tree following the simple steps on our video tutorial.


To complete this DIY Easter decoration idea, we encourage you to decorate your own eggs. If you need help, get inspired by our classic techniques and painted eggs in the ‘Games and Activities’ section.

  1. Painted Eggs Easter Bunting

Entertain yourself by making this original Easter bunting to decorate your party. It will add a festive feel to the house, and it has been carefully thought through so as to match the rest of the decor! 


Print the bunting and assemble it in just a few minutes with materials you can find at home: some scissors, a hole puncher and ribbon. This simple activity is also sure to entertain your kids! We recommend that you get them involved, as they will collaborate very willingly. 

Watch the video HERE for full tutorial

Get your PDF HERE


  1. Easter Bunny Cake

A decorated cake is always a highlight in any themed event. It doubles as a piece of art and a delicious treat that will melt away in your guests’ mouths, and is in balanced harmony with the  party decorations. We recommend that your chosen cake design matches your chosen color scheme, as well as the party decorations.


Making a decorated cake, or celebration cake, is simple. Use a sponge cake of your preference (we recommend using a Madeira cake, because it is firm, and very tasty), and then decorate the cake with colored sugar paste or fondant in the design you want.

Get inspired from our simple design and add your personal touch!


  1. How to empty out Easter Eggs

Learn how to easily empty out your Easter eggs on our YouTube Easter playlist in preparation for Easter. This activity requires drilling the egg (keep safely away from children) and a few small volunteers to decorate the empty eggs!


Watch the video tutorial to learn how to empty out your white eggs, and then decorate them using the 3 simple techniques proposed here or any other of your preferred techniques. 

  1. How to Dye Easter Eggs

Learn an easy way to dye Easter eggs with our YouTube channel. You can either dye hard boiled eggs or previously emptied eggs, as shown in our tutorial video ‘How to Empty Easter Eggs’.


You could either use the  dyed eggs as your final Easter decoration, or decorate them further by watching the tutorial video on ‘How to Make Decorated Easter Eggs’, where we show you 3 different ways to decorate Easter eggs. 

  1. 3 ways of decorating an Easter egg

 In this video tutorial we show you how to decorate your Easter eggs in three different ways. A creative craft idea that will enhance your Easter decorations.


For our Easter 4 Seasons Tree we chose to use empty eggs, as they are lighter and easier to hang on any branch. However, the techniques we offer are perfectly valid for boiled eggs or any type of egg for that matter, which could be placed on a plate to make a beautiful Easter centrepiece.

  1. Easter Egg Hunt

And here comes the best part of Easter: The Easter Egg Hunt. This Easter game is enjoyable not only for children, but also for adults who enjoy organising and preparing the event!

Traditionally, the Easter Bunny comes to childrens’ homes on Easter Sunday to deliver and hide chocolate eggs and candy. Then, the children have to search for their prize and collect them in their baskets while having a fantastic time. 

Here we present our DIY Easter Egg Hunt printables with fun signs and bunny footprints to place in the garden which will decorate and stage your Easter event. Download your printable and have fun creating your own Easter Egg Hunt setting, and of course, organising this wonderful Easter game.


After buying your product you will receive a PDF to download and cut-out manually or using a cutting machine (Silhouette Cameo or Cricut).  


  1. Easter Photo Booth Props

Nowadays, a photo booth or a photocall is such a popular and entertaining activity that is included in any event. For this Easter season we offer printable accessories to make your Photo Booth more fun. Making a DIY Easter Photo Booth is a great idea for you and your guests to take fun and memorable pictures at your Easter party.


Download the printables and create your own Easter Photo Booth props to complete the decorating of your photo booth by adding your own personal touch, or use them to decorate elsewhere at your party venue.

After purchasing your Easter Photo Booth accessories, you will receive a PDF to download and cut-out manually (or using a cutting machine Silhouette Cameo or Cricut).


  1. Cute Easter Egg Gift Box 

This is the last Easter idea of this post, but the most popular one in our Instagram account due to its originality. We will show you how to completely make-over a used four-egg-box from Waitrose to create a Cute Easter Egg Gift Box. We suggest that you use bright colours to decorate them, we even used alphabet stamps in different colours, and used raffia string to complete the Easter Egg Gift Box.


This DIY Easter activity makes for an inexpensive way of presenting your decorated eggs and also doubles as a gift for your family or friends. It could even serve as an “easter basket” for the chocolate eggs scattered by the Easter bunny at Egg hunt event!



This Easter collection drew inspiration from the theme of the Painted Easter eggs. Each egg template has been hand-painted using watercolors in order to obtain the simple, beautiful designs that we wanted to achieve. All the designs have been digitalized to develop the different graphic elements and create the easy-to-use party products that we offer. 

All the digital party products can be downloaded from our website or Etsy shop individually or as a party set. 

Along with the graphic design process we have developed an assortment of party ideas that match each other to create a beautiful, and easily replicated party that will inspire others to create their own Easter Party celebrations.


Fiesta4U was created with the purpose of serving as a tool to help individuals, mums, dads, families and party planners organize and develop parties. We aim to develop the best products in terms of elegance and quality, as well as making them accessible and easy to use for to suit any type of audience:

*Every idea includes a step by step tutorial to ensure the an easy understanding and following

*YouTube. We produce tutorial videos that accompany many of our party ideas, so you can easily follow and produce the finished product from home

*Digital Downloads. All of our party collections are accessible to download and print at home or at your local printing shop.


Our Painted Eggs Easter collection is very easy to make. Start downloading the Easter party set and print all the party pieces at home or at your local printing shop. 

All of our party ideas and products include tutorials where you can see which materials you need and what steps you must follow to achieve a perfect result, so you can plan which products you need in advance! 

Furthermore, all of our digital party products have been optimized to be versatile – meaning that they are easy to cut, either manually or using a cutting machine like Silhouette Cameo or Cricut.



Visit our Painted Easter Eggs Collection and get your products individually or as a set.


When you finish your purchase, your files will be directly downloaded to your account and you will be able to print them out as many times as you want.

You will also receive an email with download links for your digital purchases. 

If you are a fan of handmade products, you are probably also a fan of Etsy. Access our products also through our Etsy account HERE.  


Organizing parties is a good excuse to continue celebrating life. Save some time to sit together and make some of the Easter crafts we propose here or in our Instagram account @fiesta_4u and enjoy your quality time together.

DIY benefits your wellbeing through its almost therapeutic and calming nature. In the Fiesta4u family we take advantage of this and use it to form a stronger bond with our loved ones or anyone who is willing to join in. Especially during these difficult days in Quarantine, we are using our free time in a productive way to entertain ourselves and other members we are living with; doing something fun, creative, and beautiful together.

#Stayathome #besafe #becreative


Yours sincerely,


Lucrecia Rodríguez de Acuña

Founder & Creative Director


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