In our company we create happy moments by entertaining families through DIY party supplies and crafts with a resolution. We are using our business to improve the education of the underprivileged, wishing for a better world for all.

OUR PLEDGE: All purchases made in our store are used to donate to the community to improve the education of children in need.

The day we decided to give Fiesta4U, LTD a social objective started after her founder, Lucrecia Rodriguez de Acuna, experienced a miracle in her family. This miracle was that her one-year-old nephew miraculously recovered after falling into the pool and being without a pulse for more than an hour. The experience was startling and a life-change one. She felt deeply grateful to God, and decided to commit to dedicate all her work to raise funds to help those most in need, especially to improve the education of children on the poverty line.

As soon as she went back to her residency in Bangkok, she started telling the amazing story to everyone and how much grateful she felt that she wants to change her life using all her effort to help the most disadvantaged. Soon after Aom Ratchatapat, after listening to her story wanted to help because she always wanted to give back to the society and work to help the underprivileged too. Aom had a long experience working with a well-known social enterprise and she could contribute a lot with her work.

Only a few weeks after adding Aom to the new Fiesta4U team, they met together a great young lady full of energy that wanted to help them too, Pemika Thiravanitkul (Pupe). Pupe has a Social media Agency and surely could contribute a lot with her work. Aom and Lucrecia show in Pupe a great opportunity to bring her to be part to the team, so after they offer her to join the team she accepted feeling honoured.

Together the three of them defined the new objectives of the company Fiesta4U, which are to develop digital designs for parties, create party products and crafts, and offering entertaining services with the purpose of rising funds to improve the education of the most disadvantaged. The main goal in the short term is to make known their brand for DIY products called DIY & Party Time and rise 10.000$ funds in the first year. 

Their grantee will be the NGO Fatima Home in Bangkok, Thailand, and Apostolic Prefecture of Battambang, Cambodia.

What began with a miracle fills its promoters: Lucrecia, Aom and Pupe with enthusiasm for the expectations of being able to join hands to help those who need it most.

Thank you all for your collaboration.