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We have just finished developing our Frozen party collection, a cute and fun collection, decorated in shades of blue, turquoise, white and a few hints of dark pink. This theme party is inspired by Disney’s movie Frozen, which as you know has very positive messages, especially through the popular songs of 'Let it go' and 'Lost in the Woods' respectively.

In this party, we have developed basic elements that you will find in all our parties such as: Invitations, table decoration, scenery decoration, entertainment, costumes and props, party food and party bags… which will all soon be revealed. But the highlight of our Frozen theme party is something that does not exist and that we want to bring to your homes and party planning business through a tutorial mode, this is our DIY Elsa’s Frozen Throne.



As in so many other ideas that we have developed at Fiesta4U, we bring you this DIY Elsa Frozen Throne as a tutorial so you can make your own for your Frozen party, or if you are a party planner, you can use it as inspiration to produce and offer to your customers. In fact, we consider this to be the most popular option, since it is a time-consuming product and is more efficient if it can be used more than once. Furthermore, appealing to our sustainable policy, where we encourage the recycling of materials and the reuse of decorations, we recommend for you to use it at more than one party, or even use it for some other creative purpose that you come up with.

Use this distinctive Frozen throne as a prop for your photocall, or as a decorative element to put in a visible place at your party. Prepare the space surrounding the Elsa Frozen Throne and decorate it along with 3D Snowflakes or use your imagination to give it your own, personal touch using some other decorative element related to the theme of your frozen party.


We encourage you to LET GO your crafter skills and make your own throne by following our step-by-step video tutorial



  1. 1 chair
  2. 6 sheets of 2.5cm polystyrene
  3. 2 large cardboard boxes
  4. Duct tape
  5. Cutter
  6. Glue gun
  7. Light blue spray
  8. Polystyrene hot wire knife


  1. Using the cutter, cut pieces of cardboard to cover the chair (which is the base for your throne). Cover it completely, creating a new structure more akin to a throne
  2. Also make fictional cardboard arms, to help create that throne effect
  3. Cover the entire cardboard structure with polystyrene sheets, cutting pieces the size you need using the polystyrene hot wire
  4. Once you have covered the whole cardboard structure with polystyrene, create an irregular surface somewhat rounded, similar to that which ice makes when freezing
  5. Glue part of the leftover polystyrene pieces in strategic places to make that ice effect on the throne
  6. Finally, apply a few bluish tones all over the surface with the blue spray, to complete the effect of the Frozen throne
  7. Position the Frozen Throne in a visible place along with the 3D Snowflakes, to complete your photocall and take funny photos of your guests




We encourage you to use 3D snowflakes to decorate the background of our Frozen Photocall, along with the DIY Elsa’s Frozen Throne. Your little guests will not be able to resist and run there to pose and take a photo!

3D Snowflakes are among the most eye-catching of paper decorations in this Frozen collection. So easy and quick to do, that you’ll be left ‘frozen’! Watch our tutorial to learn how to make these paper crafts to decorate your party and invite the little ones to test their skills with paper.



  1. 6 papers A4 (120g)
  2. 1 scissors
  3. 1 paper glue
  4. 1 stapler
  5. 1 piece of nylon thread


  1. Fold a piece of paper by joining one of the corners to the adjacent side. Cut off the remaining rectangle
  2. Fold the paper in half again, joining the two far corners
  3. On one of the short sides of the triangle, the open side where you see 2 sections of paper, make 3 slits parallel to the long side, leaving approximately 0.5cm uncut, thereby making 4 sections of the same width
  4. Undo the folds. With the diamond side up, roll together and glue the first two innermost edges of the paper. Then turn the diamond over to the other side and join the next two paper edges. Continue turning the paper and joining the edges until all edges are joined. This will be the first tip of the star to form the snowflake
  5. Do the same with the 5 remaining papers, to form the 6 tips of the star
  6. Then join the 6 completed star tips together with the stapler, securing the nylon thread between two of them. Hang the star in a visible place, along with the Frozen Throne, to complete your Photocall

We hope you liked this article and have a go at making this irresistible and original DIY Elsa’s Frozen Throne and 3D Snowflakes for your Frozen party and enjoy the wonderful results which will impress your guests.

Unfortunately, we will soon be saying goodbye to our own Elsa’s Frozen Throne as we need the space for other, newer crafts! The good news is that it is NOW FOR SALE If you are interested in buying ELSA’S FROZEN THRONE for your Frozen Party, let us know by contacting us through service@fiesta4u.com or buy it from our website HERE.

If you loved these projects and want to have a go at them, don’t forget to take photos and publish them in your Instagram and tag @fiesta_4u for a chance to get featured!


Have fan and ‘Let it go’,


Lucrecia Rodríguez de Acuña

Founder & Creative Director


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