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Today, I want to share a captivating family story with all of you. This small piece of me will take you to the very heart of Fiesta4U, ‘Where creativity becomes a celebration’, and the true spirit of helping you create unforgettable moments, although sometimes they involve DIY-ing certain things, the true intention is of the heart, creating unforgettable moments that you will cherish forever.

Picture the scene: A mother sitting in bed, in front of a large mirror with her two daughters frazzling around her, the room is brightly lit. The mother’s eldest daughter, 17, carefully does her makeup, while her youngest daughter, 10, kneels behind her, straightening her hair with gentle, knowing strokes.

The lucky mother I picture here was me on my last event before Covid-19. The moment I looked at our image in the mirror, I realized how precious this moment was. I felt like the luckiest woman in the world, and I instantly knew that this was a memory that I would want to save with me for the rest of my days. So I did!


Let me tell you how it all happened: It wasn’t at all my intention to 'create' this moment. The truth is that, like so many good things in life, it happened by chance. I am one of those mothers of my generation who strives to do too much in too little time, and so in consequence I usually end up rushing things rather than calmly completing the ones I can. This day was exactly that, I had to get ready in record time for a charity event: ‘Boat Race and River Festival 2020’, a fundraiser for the protection of elephants, a gala that would be followed by a race on the Chao Phraya River, accompanied by the exotic scenery of Bangkok, Thailand.

I digress, it was one of those days when I was trying to get too much done, and on top of that I felt guilty about leaving my two daughters alone without any quality time to chat, you know, when you ask them about their day or what’s on their mind and they answer with bright faces filled with wonder and that ‘magic’ that you only see in the eyes of children. It was then when I realized that I could take advantage of the last 20 minutes I had to do a little “2 in 1”. Beatriz (my eldest) is passionate about makeup, she is a natural! So I decided to “hire” her as my personal makeup artist to get me looking the part for the festival. Lucia (my youngest) is a talented hairdresser, she has always enjoyed trying out new hairstyles with her friends, so I asked her to handle the hair! They were both more than happy to help out!


And so, the beautiful, idyllic scene was formed, with the three little women of the house, chatting away happily while they helped me get ready. At times the girls would get over-excited, and start to speak over themselves wanting to get their point across first before the topic changed, and I patiently listened, enraptured. Later that night at the event, I described the scene to my husband, Alberto, and just from looking into my eyes and taking in my expression, he understood how special the moment had been, however quotidian it was.  


And you know what I did yesterday? Well, I had another wonderful event to attend, although it was much smaller than the previous one, due to the Post-Covid ‘new norm’, so I did the same, exact thing, but this time I made sure the girls knew just how special these moments were, so that they too could save it in their memories, I even took advantage of the situation and prepared a small photo session so I could share the moment with you!


I urge you to save those moments as well. Those moments that feel like somehow time stops and allows us to contemplate the beauty of the gift of life. Not only the moments which we consciously create, but also those that occur fortuitously and spontaneously, much like the one in this story, if you pay close attention you will come to realize, that they occur almost everyday! Do you have any moments like this in mind? If not, these are my tips to create unforgettable moments for yourselves!



I don’t want to act like an expert in creating magical moments on the daily, but I have learned a few things throughout my 20 years of motherhood. This is a list that I feel like I should have learnt a long time ago… For all you parents, in the busiest moments of your lives or careers, try to do the following steps in order to ‘create magic’ in your family, and generate incredible memories for you and your children. 


  1. Be creative. Think about something that could be fun as well as convenient that you could do with a family member or two, for example, getting ready for a meeting or organising a dinner.
  2. Don’t reserve time for it. Make it fit into your own schedule. Throughout my life I have realised that sometimes reserving time for specific moments is not always necessary, making the most of your time by planning, being organised, and thinking ahead can be even more efficient. I encourage you to plan these moments in accordance to your usual schedule, much like how I used the time I had to get ready for an event to also catch up with my daughters. 
  3. Visualise the moment before it happens. I tend to get over-excited when I think about something that I find inspiring, like dreaming about magical moments. Visualising these moments before they happen can help you recreate it in the best way possible. Some also say that visualising helps manifest these dreams to a reality!

I hope that you liked this story, and I hope that it will help you create incredible, magical, unforgettable moments for yourself and your family as often as possible! 

Now it’s your turn!




Lucrecia Rodríguez from Acuña

Founder and Creative Director


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