Simple Origami For Kids | DIY Origami | Easy Origami for Beginners
Simple Origami For Kids | DIY Origami | Easy Origami for Beginners
Simple Origami For Kids | DIY Origami | Easy Origami for Beginners
Simple Origami For Kids | DIY Origami | Easy Origami for Beginners

How to set up an Origami Party Games Display - Printables - Digital Designs - PDF

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From toddlers to teenagers, boys and girls, origami is a timeless and popular entertaining activity.

 Here’s how to set up a display for the origami games at your party. Not only will this get the party preparations underway, but it will also get everyone in the mood for the games they are about to play.


★ This product is for personal use only. For professional purposes, please contact

★   You can download files adapted for manual use or for cutting with your Silhouette Cameo® ★


-15 circles with designs of origami figures and patterns to set up a games display for your Origami Party

You will receive all this pack in 1 ZIP file including: 

- 1 PDF file (3 pages) to print and cut out manually using a 2” circle punch, a 3” circle punch

or your Silhouette Cameo®


Full instructions to assemble the props are included in Steps to Follow.  Additionally (materials are not provided), to make this DIY Personalized Origami Party Bunting you will need: 

  1. 2 A4 card paper
  2. 2” circle punch
  3. 3” circle punch
  4. 5 square plastic pots of different colours
  5. Thick straws of different colours
  6. 5mm Wooden sticks
  7. 5 embroidery thread skeins
  8. Pliers
  9. Scissors
  10. Glue gun
  11. Materials for games (see Origami games)


  1. Prints labels for the Origami games and cut them out using scissors and the 2” and 3” circle punch. Put them aside for later
  2. To make a Japanese style basket: First measure, then cut three straws to make the handle
  3. Insert a stick into each straw, which must be tight, and cut the remaining stick with pliers
  4. Knot two sticks lined with straw forming a right angle, using the embroidery thread. Do the same with the third stick, thus forming the handle of the Japanese style basket
  5. Stick the handle to the pot on the inside using the glue gun
  6. Place labels on the front of each Japanese basket
  7. Finally, place the corresponding materials to make the different Origami games into the baskets and place the baskets in an attractive place to create excitement among your guests

Tip. Once the presentation of your games has been organised, we suggest putting a couple of examples of the finished product in each of the baskets to show what the finished article should like when the game is finished! 


When you finish your purchase your file will be downloaded to your Etsy account directly and you will be able to print it as many times as you want.


Simple Origami For Kids | DIY Origami | Easy Origami for Beginners